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God is the One who has chosen His church leaders (Eph 4:11). Not many mighty, not many wise but God often chooses the foolish to shame the wise (1Cor 1:27). Having said that, Pastor Rick Bettez was ordained under Robert McLaughlin Bible Ministries out of Somerset Massachusetts, Grace Bible Church. Pastor Rick has been an assistant Pastor, as well a prep school teacher and a Christian author. His ordination and studies fall within the lineage of Lewis Sperry Chafer.


My faith

My faith and teaching rest solely upon the firm belief of the accuracy of divine scripture and the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ upon the Cross at Calvary. I believe that all scripture is God breathed (2Tim 3:16) directly from God the Holy Spirit to divinely chosen men who interpreted the original writings with supernatural precision. My faith does not nor will ever rest upon man-made religion or denominational dogma. I am certain organized religion has caused great confusion and pain but the cleansing agent is the proper interpretation of scripture from within its historical context and original languages. With the focus and foundation grounded in the unique God-man Jesus Christ and His saving work. 


Foundation & Priniciples

There are core doctrinal beliefs that can not be shaken and should never be added too or taken from (Rev 22:18, Deu 4:2, Deu 12:32, Pro 30:6). Faith alone in Christ alone is the only avenue to eternal security. The Trinity is a supernatural being that represents the One true God over all. This Trinity is recognized in Three distinct beings; God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. The Bible is accurate beyond reproach and represents the mind of Jesus Christ. Salvation through the Cross of Christ is permanent and rests upon His finished work, void of any human merit. The church is the body and bride of Christ and He will return for His bride. The Rapture of the church is eminent and there will be a seven year Tribulation that will follow before this Second Coming (thousand years). The Bible is clear on dispensations and currently we all live within the sphere of the Church-age period. 


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A Grace Ministry

Currently PRB Ministry is an on-line social media experience available on You Tube and Brighteon.com, search for Pastor Rick Bettez or click the links provided above. This is a grace-based ministry that accepts support or donations when the Believer is lead to give. We are not affiliated with any other ministry or denomination. We do not nor will we ever solicit funds from anyone, supporting the teaching of God's word is strictly between the giver and God.