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About Us


What the ministry stands firm in;

Faith alone in Christ alone is the single most important decision a person can make in this life (Joh 20:31, Joh 3:16). Truth is singular and the current belief of relative truth in the world is a satanic lie. No set of man made guidelines or works can set us free from our sins (Gal 2:16). Teaching the word of God should be academically honest and adhere to scripture against scripture, with a full understanding of historical context, original language and the view to the foundation that Jesus Christ is and will always be the unique One of the universe. The Lord Jesus Christ is undiminished deity and full humanity in one divine being, that is the center of not only Christianity but the entirety of the universe. 



Currently Pastor Rick Bettez has the book DISCERNING OUR TIME available at most on-line outlets and can be ordered at bookstores world-wide. This book was a project that was developed between 2014 and 2016 and published in 2017. It is a historic outlook of where America has been and the current condition it finds itself in today! It is lined up with scripture against political and social trends within the U.S.A. that shows the often overlooked clues that America can fit neatly into end time prophecy and should be a wake up call for Believers and extremely informative for the unbeliever. 


Teachings and preaching

God has chosen some as teachers and evangelist for equipping the saints for spiritual warfare (Eph 4:11-12).  The reason the human race was created was to assist in the final decision and eternal outcome of the angelic rebellion that began in eternity past. We are called to grow in grace and knowledge (2Pet 3:18), therefore all Believers should find a Pastor who can feed them with truth. PRB Ministry will do its best to offer free Biblical answers to difficult questions as well as teaching scripture with integrity and pointing out the lies of the social, political and religious voices that seek to stifle God's Word. 

Repentance & Conference Info

June 29th & 30th Conference info and Bible lesson

Final Thoughts

Support & Financial Policy

The policy for PRB Ministry is a grace based policy that all financial support is voluntary.  There are no membership fees nor any soliciting of funds. This is a non-profit organization that will continue giving truth to those who desire it at no cost. This Ministry has nothing for sale, nor any price on any teachings. Grace based ministries strive to bring Bible Doctrine to those who desire it at no cost. PRB Ministry stands by this model and will go forward with every intent to get the good news out to a lost and dying world. But no man is an island nor are Pastors or Evangelists able to study and teach if they are destined to poverty (1Tim 5:17-18, Gal 6:6, 1Cor 9:9-14). Support for the man of God is Biblical and greatly appreciated when you can do so. The Po Box and donation button on my site are there for when you feel motivated to give. Thank you for your support. 

Coming events

I am in the process of teaching and answering questions through my You Tube channel  which has a link on this site or simply search Pastor Rick Bettez on You Tube. The goal of this ministry will be to teach the word of God accurately and freely from whatever pulpit God puts in front of me. I am willing to get involved in a brick & mortar church in the near future if it is in God's plan and the people who support the building are serious students who fully understand who I am and what I teach. Feel free to contact me if this is a serious goal for you and your group of Believers. The internet is a great place for a ministry and my hope is that this site could grow to have regular teachings on site for those all over the world to learn. I also would like to start an outreach program to help those in need, further investigation and prayer into this area is needed before embarking upon that mission.

Books & speaking engagements

Currently I have my book out on the open market as it was written prior to my ordination and I was certain God led me to try my hand at becoming a Christian author. This may be an area I reach out further into but I will always have consistent teaching available for free whenever I can. I am available for weddings and funeral services but I must stress that my message will always contain  the truth encapsulated in scripture and that faith alone in Christ alone is the only way to salvation. Therefore all my teachings and service revolve around my solid belief in Christianity and the inerrant Word of God (Bible).  Speaking engagements can be arranged or a Bible conference set up with no cost for my teaching but travel and  hotel accommodations must be paid for in advance by the party who is interested. Please feel free to contact to me with any questions. 

Copies of my messages

If you are interested in a copy of the message or Q & A I have done in the past please contact me with what date and message title and I will mail it to you or email it to you free of charge. Keep in mind I do the majority of my messages on Word Document. 

Internet Ministry

I believe that the internet can be very similar to what the Apostle Paul had in the early church. Paul sent messages and letters out to small groups of Believers and he would occasionally visit them for face to face teaching. If you want a Bible study and accurate teaching I am certain I can accommodate your needs even from thousands of miles away. 


Are you going to set up a building/church in the future? Yes, in God's timing and with the right group of Believers. 

Would you travel or move to start a ministry? Yes, again for the right group of Believers who are serious and willing to support me. God works through people not a Pastor by himself. 

Do you follow a denomination or an established ministry or would you ever get involved in a denomination?  No, I will not be involved with another church or denomination.  I am devoted to teaching truth from scripture and have only been affiliated with Robert McLaughlin Bible Ministry (Grace Bible Church) in Somerset, Massachusetts. My love and respect will always go out to my mentor Pastor Bob and the Royal Family members at that church.

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